Megan Jackson

Megan Jackson is an author, entrepreneur, orator, nationally syndicated writer, and producer for the TV documentary, “Everyday Heroes,” a TV Host, Worship Leader, Marketing Director, and finally, a Corporate Boss. Though she wears many hats, her favorite is that of wife and boy mom. 

Megan holds a bachelor’s in journalism from the University of North Texas and a master’s in business administration from Amberton University. 

She is passionate about teaching the power of words to children and encouraging women to create a life they love. 

In her free time, Megan enjoys designing apparel alongside her husband and business partner, writing, traveling, hanging with her boys, and listening to audible books.

Megan is married to Adam Jackson, together they have two rambunctious, world changers, Ellis (3) and Ezra (1).

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First Person

Words Are Magic

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Megan Jackson

Fueled by a love of words, Megan is a dynamic force in the world of creative speaking. With an innate gift for oration, she uses her words to ignite a fire in women and children, encouraging them to harness the power of their speech and make it truly intentional. From her acclaimed children’s book “Words Are Magic” to her Culture Cards filled with affirmative statements for kids, Megan is dedicated to spreading the magic of words to all. Her children’s clothing brand, Kid Clothier, personifies this passion by promoting self-confidence.

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