About the book

Every day we are faced with a different set of challenges. Yet, the outcome is solely based upon our ability to utilize the power of positive affirmations and the word of God to obtain the outcome we desire. Perhaps the greatest obstacle that lies before us, is learning how to place ourselves in the heart of the scriptures. First Person is a handbook specifically created with this purpose in mind.

Words are responsible for everything that exist on the earth today; and if God used words to create the universe, we too can use words to shape our destiny.

First Person is a tool designed to help you understand how to customize God’s promises and apply them to every situation in your life. The word of God is in motion, changing everything it comes in contact with, including you and I.

May this book, in some way or another, enlighten, encourage and inspire you to use the word of God to revolutionize your world by the words you speak.

Note from the Publisher

This Book was Gifted to Me, Megan Jackson, by Ray Hunt. It was originally published in honor of his wife, my mentor, `Celeste Hunt.

I am honored to carry on her memory and legacy through this book.

I hope it blesses you as much as it has blessed me. May you learn the power of words and Speak the Word only over your life, family and future.

Topics covered in the book

Topic 1

The book "First Person" is written to help individuals apply the Word of God to their personal circumstances in an easy to understand style.

Topic 2

Personalizing the Word of God will help individuals understand and apply the promises of God to their personal and intimate situations.

Topic 3

The book encourages readers to see themselves as blessed by God through Jesus and to pray and walk by faith, rather than by sight.

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